Last days of the holidays

We are coming up fast to the end of the holidays so I thought I would quickly share a few photos of what we have been up to here in Tea Towers.

Junk modelling in the garden (homes for ‘Higgledies’)

Hama beading with friends.

Water bomb making before an epic garden water fight.

Face painting with Emily’s new favourite game character ‘Higgledy’

Building Lego castles for their ninjas.

Eating sensible lunches.

Only healthy food to see here, honest!

Improving our crown green bowling skills.

And lastly decorating cakes for a hungry daddy.

Summer with the Tea Towers two

We are all delighted that the Summer holidays are finally here and our days have been pretty packed so far with meeting up with local friends, fish sitting for friends on holiday, working on the local library Summer reading challenge and a few other busy things.

We joined the Sale Wombles helping to litter pick in our local play park with lots of other enthusiastic helpers. Sam and Emily were really excited by the chance to help clear up by using the litter pickers and did a fantastic job.

Sam & Emily had a good explore around the National Coal Mining Museum with Emily getting to go underground 140 metres to find out more about what mining was like.

We’ve also spent a day exploring the lovely Beeston Castle with friends.

Sam and Emily got to have a try learning some basic sword fighting moves to become apprentice knights. We then had a trek up to the top and into the main keep and when we had recovered (we’re not used to going up hills in lovely flat Sale) we blew bubbles from the top.


Latest happenings

Things have been busy as always here at Tea Towers so I thought it high time I shared a few recent photos of what we’ve been up to…







Our furry friends have come back outside from their garage home winter home and have been getting plenty of cuddles.

Sam has been learning how to fly his new drone at the park and seems to be doing pretty well at it, though occasionally has to discourage curious dogs.

We took our Rainbows group out on parade with a large number of other guiding and scouting groups from the district.

Sam also joined his Cub group in the parade around the park.

Emily had an important lady come to visit who had two policemen with her and she informs me also runs the country… though she isn’t too sure of her name.






Lastly we’ve also been busy in the kitchen making healthy snacks like these dark chocolate and peanut butter brownies 🙂

World book day

Sam and Emily have been super excited about World book day this year, over the past week I’ve been putting together their costumes and they couldn’t wait to put them on this morning.

Sam and I have recently started reading the first Harry Potter book together which he is loving and so it was unsurprising that he wanted to dress as Harry. His costume was quite easy to put together with the help of the lovely internet…

Felt tie –

School robes –

Gryffindor badge –

Wizard’s wand –

Now Emily had other ideas when it came to how to choose her World book day costume… she decided to choose the outfit she liked best and say that the book containing that character was her favourite. So she asked to be Lettice the rabbit from the well known title “Lettice – the Birthday party”.

Unfortunately no online help avaliable for this one so I had to come up with a sparkly petal skirt, sequined top (though first attempt to simply glue glitter to the first top using watered down white glue ended up with a unbendable top that would no longer stretch over Emily’s head…), tiara attached to bunny ears and then a pom pom tail at the back.

She loved it and has been in character all evening 🙂

Half term fun

Sam, Emily and I have had a lovely half term week together doing all the important things that we’ve been too busy to get done over the last couple of months.

We’ve spent some time writing letters to our friends over in Australia.

Learning how to do some proper stunt scooting on the local ramp.

Searching out the first signs of Spring.

Exercising the frisbee.

Making some new Pokemon cards with friends

Planting out seeds in the hopes of growing some new flowers and tasty veggies.

And playing lots and lots of board games together.

Sporting stars

Over the summer holidays Rich got hold of some exciting tickets for us to attend an iTV sports day on the film set of Coronation Street.


We got to pretend to be sporting stars in our own Team GB t-shirts – don’t we all look fine with our groovy matching headbands?


Sam meet a real olympian – Bianca Walkden who won a bronze medal in the Woman’s Taekwondo.


We all had a try at the different sports avaliable, Emily really got into the table tennis (see that look of fierce concentration on her face) and Sam did a great job on the climbing walls. Rich got to do some badminton with Sam and before leaving we all did some hula hooping!

Micro food

Rich was given a bizarre and exciting box from a friend who had recently visited Japan… it was a kit to make from powder, water and using a microwave, this teeny tiny burger meal.
The table turned into a bit of a chemistry lab while powders were mixed and water carefully added in the right quantities. Things were microwaved and then cut up to start to become recognisable food.


Giant Rich!

The food was ‘edible’ so we all tried some and it did sort of taste like the real thing… think we will be sticking with McDonald’s for our burgers in future though!

Lazy summer days

Summer seems to be properly here at Tea Towers now – the paddling pool has finally been dusted off and filled and much fun has been had splashing about in it.


Water everywhere

We’ve been busy with work inside the house too with Sam and Emily doing a spot of baking.


Baking fun

I’ve also had them working hard at getting the sofa hovered… though this seems to mostly involve making towers of cushions to jump on!


Cushion testing

Fun in the park

The sun has come out so we’ve just been for a walk round our favourite park.

We gave some recently repaired rhinos some love.

Blew some bubbles.

Gazed up…

…and enjoyed the beautiful sky.

Then finished up by improving our frisbee skills.IMG_8261