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BBQing at Tea Towers

Before the hordes descended

As the grass is starting to turn a fetching shade of brown and all the school children are just about to be released from their classes we decided it was time for our (now annual) summer BBQ. So after giving the house a thorough clean and with some help from one of our lovely neighbours to erect a marquee we were ready to receive all our guests.

We were lucky with the day we picked for the event as the weather couldn’t have been nicer, so sunny with a touch of a breeze to stop you over heating. With the aid of the marque we were able to have a lot of our guests gather outside – fortunate really as there just wouldn’t have been room for everyone in Tea Towers itself.

The hungry hordes descend

Rich manned the BBQ and kept all our hungry guests well supplied with burgers, sausages and some rather tasty teryaki chicken kebabs. While he was out slaving over the burning coals I was rushing about the kitchen trying to make sure all the guests had cold drinks/jacket potatoes/forks and anything else they wanted. (Apologies to any guests I may have snapped at – I sometimes get a little carried away when hostessing!)

Once all the food had been cooked I treated myself to a nice glass of wine and started to relax and enjoy the party properly. Sam spent most of his time running backwards and forwards, usually after one of the other kids that was there and enjoyed himself so much that he barely had time to come past and say hi to his mum. The guests all seemed to have a lovely time too, there was plenty of chatter and laughter around the house and apart from having to occasionally kick helpful guests out of my kitchen I think they all went home happy.

Thank you all so much for coming and making our party a success – we loved having you all and will now have fun trying to drink through all the alcohol you left behind…

Jessica’s birthday


Jess and the cake

Last weekend Jessica had another of her 27th birthdays and celebrated with a BBQ at our house. A host of family and friends turned out and we all had a really good time. I made a chocolate hedgehog cake that I remember from my childhood and I am considering publishing the recipe here so others can try it.

I’ve been desperately trying to finish the new photo gallery in time for Jessica’s birthday and I’m pleased to announce that it is now finished and freshly loaded with pictures from the party. You can access it using the link on the right or from here.

Happy Birthday Jessica x.

Birthday time!

Jessica presents Harriet HedgehogYesterday I had another 27th Birthday (this time it was a big 27th…). Rich took the day off yesterday so that I could have a nice long lie in on my Birthday as well as taking it easy for the day. There were lot’s of lovely presents for me to enjoy in the morning and in the evening we had some very tasty Indian takeout which I followed with a nice relaxing hour in the bath – aaah!

Today though was when the celebrating really happened as I invited some of my friends around to Tea Towers for a Birthday BBQ. Thankfully the rain held off for most of the evening so none of the guests got too wet and most of the food that Rich lovingly charred on the BBQ seemed to get eaten.

The littlest party comers seemed to have a great time playing in the garden and blowing bubbles, while Sam seemed a little overawed by the guests but was quite content to look around at everything that was going on.

There are some lovely photos from the day on the all new and improved Photo gallery that Rich has been busy working on – go and have a look at them here.

Steve’s Birthday gathering

Duncan, Sam & ChrisThe family Felton spent today out at Steve’s Birthday bash which took the form of a few hours out at a local park where the men became boys and played a bit of rounders as well as general larking about with a football and a rugby ball. Not that anyone knew how to play rugby… Steve only brought the thing along because he is Mr. Mars ball man and he managed to win about 11 different balls on the recent Mars online competition.

So the men messed about with all the balls, I had a couple of turns at rounders and the rest of the time Sam and I amused ourselves by watching the action from the sidelines. After the blokes had tired themselves out and decided they now needed food we all headed off back to Steve’s new flat and ordered a load of Indian food. Sam spent some time amusing his fan base and being generally cute… just look at him in that little shirt – isn’t he the most gorgeous baby ever? He decided that he didn’t want to sleep at Steve’s place though so after we had eaten our dinner Rich and I took noisy Sam back home and tucked him in to his cot where he went out like a light.

Party time!

Party timeToday we all headed off to attend the first Birthday party for little Aedan (my good friend Katie’s little boy). I really enjoyed getting the chance to catch up with some of Katie’s family who I hadn’t seen for many years. Katie’s little sister is now all grown up (and much taller than she used to be!) where as her parents are still just as I remembered them with her dad maybe not being quite as scary as I used to find him 🙂

Sam also seemed to enjoy himself even though he was a bit too small to join in playing with the other children there. He was much admired by the other mums who all looked at him fondly and remembered their own kids at Sam’s age. We also found out that Sam seems to enjoy bopping balloons – he amused himself for a good while with the one in the photo.

Thanks Katie for inviting us, we all really enjoyed ourselves and it was great to get out and meet some new people. Thanks also for Sam’s party bag, Rich and I helped him eat the cake on the way home 🙂